The Benefits of Goat Milk Skin Care for Your Face

The Benefits of Goat Milk Skin Care for  Your Face

Goat milk soap for the face, Unscented, Tea Tree, Lavender, Charcoal, Honey Oatmeal  Goat Milk Facial Cream, Unscented, Lavender, Lemongrass Lavender       

Our Face...everyone sees it every day and all the time!  It also gets to “see” everything, everyday and all the time!  It is the only part of our body that is exposed to everything.  It needs special TLC! 

It is easy to forget this and wash with harsh soaps, cleansers that do not really clean, or not at all.  This allows dead skin build up which leads to unhealthy skin.  Once our skin starts becoming less healthy, we cover up those dark under eyes, uneven skin tone and blemishes with makeup.  While I am not saying we should not use makeup, I am saying that less will be needed once our skin has a healthy, vibrant glow.  A special note for those of us who have skin that is more “mature” that others, it will also slow those dreaded lines and wrinkles.

Of course just as important as washing is moisturizing.  At times not much moisturizer is needed but without is our skin has to work harder to renew itself and the moisturizer can add protection in addition to the nourishment.

All of the ingredients that I use in my product will help contribute to encouraging healthy skin. 

  • No artificial fragrances
  • Ingredients which help exfoliate
  • Ingredients that nourish and hydrate
  • PH is closer to our skin than most products allowing for less stress


A wonderful, inexpensive way to exfoliate is by washing  with a good quality, soft, COTTON wash cloth at least every couple of days.  This will eliminate the use of scrubs which can irritate the skin.  Scrubs can be expensive and not necessary if you are using skin care with natural, nourishing ingredients.  A wash cloth will not only help your face but the rest of your body as well.  Trouble areas such as elbows, shins and feet will also thank you! 

You probably noticed that I stress COTTON wash cloth.  Synthetic materials can leave tiny scratches which damage your skin.  Did you ever get a piece of a cosmetic puff in your eye?  I have and it hurts!  I have also experienced a piece of cotton ball and while it is uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel as though my eye is being torn up.

For more information on the ingredients that I use take a look at my other blogs. You will want to read “Why Goat Milk” to understand the benefits that set my products apart.  Then see our Facial Cream to choose one that suits you the best. 

Some soaps that I recommend are:

Here are some other products that we recomend for your face.

I hope this helps!  Take care of your face!  You only have one and it needs to last a long time!

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