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Clove Soap

Clove Soap

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Clove Soap

Ahh-The warm rich smell of clove. All natural clove bud oil in this one. Not only does this soap smell wonderful, Clove oil has: 

  • Antibacterial – fights, and has been found to kill, certain strains of bacteria that cause acne.
  • Antifungal – helpful in fighting and preventing athletes’ foot as well as other fungal infections.
  • Relieves stress! This always a big help!  Not only does this help relax your skin and muscles which of course, leads to a healthier, happy you, but the scent will also relax your brain! 
  • Antioxidant – fights free radicals that want to mess with us! Meaning it will fight bacteria, viruses and possibly cancer cells.

Clove Goat Milk Soap could be a soothing, healing, natural replacement for some of the harsh chemical cleansers.


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