Lavender goat milk soap


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     Do you love the fresh, clean, relaxing smell of Lavender?  You will find just that in my Lavender soap!  No "perfume" smell here!   Plus this has the added benefits of being relaxing and healing. Lavender is known for helping to heal scars and other troubled skin.  

     With all this talking about the scent, I do not want to forget to mention the Goat Milk!  One can't overlook the soothing, healing, moisturizing and nourishing qualities it has. Not to mention the lactic acid which will help keep your skin fresh and healthy!

     If you love Lavender, you will want to add the other Lavender products to you collection so try our Lavender Moisturizing Cream, Lavender Facial Cream and Lavender Hand & Body Lotion!  Once again, your skin will thank you!  

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