Natural Mica
Posted November 18, 2017


When I say I make all natural soaps that is what I mean.

I have stayed away from using micas and...

Eye Lash Mite magnified
Posted October 31, 2017

Eye Lash Mites!  I first heard of these while I was at the eye doctor recently for my yearly eye exam.  Thankfully he NOT was telling me that I had them, but was asking if I made products with Tea Tree Oil.  I told...

Younger Looking Skin!
Posted October 19, 2017

“Will this make me look younger?”  I hear this question a lot and while it is said in a joking manner, we are all hoping for a miracle answer.  There are lots of advertisements that claim their product will do just...

Posted October 13, 2017

As you have likely figured out by now, I only use essential oils in my products. Fragrance oils are widely used in the homemade soap world, and are often marketed as Natural.  They are not!  I am bothered by this...

making goat milk soap from scratch
Posted October 10, 2017

A common misconception among people is that glycerin soap is not made with lye.  Any true soap must be made with lye.  Lye is the catalyst for the chemical reaction that changes all the ingredients to soap....

Posted October 06, 2017

Some quick answers to common questions

Q – Is your soap made with lye

A – Yes!  All soap is!  Melt and pour as well as glycerin soaps are all...

Harvest Hills All Natural Sunscreen
Posted July 26, 2017

Why and How of Sunscreen

     In part one of our series on sunscreen we looked at UVA rays and their cause...

Toggenburg & Saanen babies
Posted July 25, 2017

Here are some pictures of the life of our goats!  (Generally not too stressful.)  I will be updating and adding pictures periodically so check back when you visit our site!


Posted July 20, 2017

      It has always been an anomaly to me why we need sunscreen. I look around and see the plants growing, the animals thriving, insects doing their insect thing, all in the sun. Why don’t plants need sunscreen?...

Deb and Toggenburg goat
Posted July 10, 2017

Part one: Pepper is more than just a spice, sometimes it can be a catalyst!

There is a great country song...

Jen Miller and Deb Gray
Posted June 27, 2017

Greetings and salutations! My name is Jennifer Miller. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you and give you a little background about who I am, why I am introducing myself to you and why any of this should matter in relation to Harvest Hills farm,...

Jen Miller
Posted June 26, 2017

I would like to introduce to you my good friend Jen Miller.  She is a professional blogger and all around wonderful, talented person!  I know that you will greatly enjoy what she has to say and how she says it.  She will have regular articles posted so be sure to...

Activated Charcoal
Posted May 11, 2017

Charcoal – Sounds rather “Yuck” but it has been used for centuries to treat a variety of internal and external conditions.  Of course you will not want to go to your grill and collect the left...

Sun on the beach
Posted April 16, 2017

The world of sunscreens is not as straight forward as one would expect.  It appears that there are no clear standards set by the FDA for sunscreen formulators in the U.S.


Posted March 30, 2017

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut palm.  In many cultures it is highly prized for its medicinal uses. I use coconut oil in most of my products.  It has many...

Posted March 26, 2017

This past month was taken over by babies arriving!  It's always a fun time but also very busy.  Hopefully I will get some more up soon.  


Posted February 21, 2017

Oil is great when you need it, but oily skin is quite a bother.  If you have it, you know this!  There are some very good makeup products that will help, but starting with healthy skin is best.

returns  exchanges
Posted February 15, 2017

I  accept returns and will gladly exchange your product for the same or different item along with a 25% discount on your next purchase.

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All Natural facial skin care
Posted January 18, 2017

Our Face!  What everyone sees, every day and all the time!  It also gets to “see” everything, everyday and all the time!  It is the only part of our body that is exposed to everything.  It needs...

Dirty hands
Posted January 08, 2017


This is me on my “soap” box!  I have never been convinced that hand sanitizers are a good idea.  There is nothing natural or cleansing about them.  Plus when killing any bacteria, the good go with the bad thus no protection from anymore bad.  What about the...

Soap Varieties
Posted December 10, 2016

 My soaps differ from most others because of the fresh goat milk they are made with. (See "Why Goat Milk "). While some of...

Saanen Babies
Posted December 03, 2016

Taking care of your skin is very important.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it is exposed to everything!  Because it also absorbs everything, it is important to pay attention to...

Maggie Doodle - Saanen Doe
Posted August 08, 2016

​These are the ladies that are providing the wonderful fresh goat milk that I use in my products.  They are each unique and I love them all!


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Goat Milk Lotion, Moisturizer & Facial Cream
Posted August 07, 2016

Which Lotion or Moisturizer is Best for You?

Here is a comparison of the 4 types of “creams” I make. This is not a complete list of ingredients, just the main ones to help you choose the one that fits your needs the best.


Posted May 29, 2016

Aloe Vera Gel

The Egyptians regarded this plant as “The plant of immortality”.  I am not sure I would got quite that far, but it does have a long list of benefits!

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