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Coconut Oil

     Coconut oil is misunderstood a lot.  Many think that the suntan oil that smells like coconuts is coconut oil.  There may be some in it.  I have not looked at the ingredients, but mostly, it is a sales technique.   Natural coconut oil has NO smell.  If it does then it is likely that it is not pure. A fragrance oil has been added, not even an essential oil!    Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut palm.  In many cultures it is highly prized for its medicinal uses. I use coconut oil in most of my products.  It has many attributes that are beneficial to natural skin care.     The oil itself is solid at...

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  Glycerin can be made from either vegetable oils or animal fat.   I use raw vegetable glycerin in my moisturizers and facial creams, but the soap is full of natural glycerin on its own.  In its natural state it is a thick sweet syrupy liquid.  Even though it is syrupy, it is not sticky rather it is smooth and sliky. Here are some of the benefits of using glycerin on your skin: It helps retain moisture, therefore keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.  This is why the soap is hydrating also. This quality of retaining moisture also helps heal oily skin and the problems that come with it.  (Once again, both soap and moisturizer will be helpful). Helps aging skin! ...

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     Lye is THE essential ingredient in soap making. Without it you do not get soap.  No matter what anyone says!  All soap bases including glycerin soap, is made with lye, and it is not that "scary".

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