Saanen Goat

Mia - The Goat of the Month for January

  Mia sitting


   I believe that Mia is the most gentle, elegant goat in our herd.  She came to live with us around 2015  because I saw her picture on a for sale listing. I knew she had to be mine.  I did not need another goat!  I never really do, but I "needed" Mia!

   Mia has a very steadfast personality.  She gets along with everyone and never causes any trouble.  If others are sparring, she will try to break it up, but never gets in on it. She loves getting extra attention, but never really asks for it.  I will notice her quietly watching me so I go to her and give her rubs and loves which makes her very happy!  As you can tell from the picture, she has a goofy side!  Generally, goats don’t sit like that!  She was enjoying the warm spring day!

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