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Our Liquid Soap

 Some liquid soaps are made with a starter kit and others from soap that has had water added to it.  We wanted a pure liquid foaming soap that was rich and creamy plus nourishing and hydrating.  Here it is!

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Tips for Hydrating Dry Skin

So, you have issues with dry skin?  Let's talk!   Maybe it is just in the dry/winter months, or maybe you deal with the problem all the time.  Here are some tips that may be helpful! Dry hands. It seems that everyone has this problem now.  Wash vs sanitizer whenever possible.  Use a gentle soap that CLEANS your hands.  Follow with a rich, hydrating hand cream.  Here is a suggestion!  Hand & Body Lotion and our Foaming Liquid Soap Dry body. Make sure your shower or bath is not hot!  Water is very drying in the first place and hot water is even more drying.  Shower less frequently when possible.  I know I prefer a hot shower, so I recommend using...

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Making Goat Milk Soap

As I mentioned in "Do I Make All This Stuff - Making the Lotion", I am often asked if I make "all this stuff"!  And again, YES!  From scratch, no melt and pour, no starter base.  For your enjoyment I have made a short video to show how I do it!  

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